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Established as Novel Homecrafts since 1985, Novel Floral & Gift Ideas has come a long way from our very first store at Katong Shopping Centre.

Back then Novel paired blue and white porcelain pots with hydrocultured plants to create a timeless range of indoor plants that were long-lasting and aesthetically pleasant, compared to the normal plain earthern pots. Novel then expanded our product offers to include novelty gifts from overseas, cuddly toys and unique home decorative items, not normally found in retail shops.

Today, Novel builds on our and loyal network to continue innovating for our customers.  This website was created so that you may access our creations at your convenience, 24 hours a day and arrange for them to be sent to your loved one.  Same day deliveries are possible, but do give us at least 3 hours to prepare and deliver a beautiful bouquet for you.

Novel Floral ... bringing novelty to life since 1985.

She was no shrinking Violet

WORKING HARD AND PLAYING HARD was how Ms Violet Urn (left), 55, turned her struggle with cancer into a celebration of life. She hit the clubs and inspired several of her friends to do the same.

The woman who sparked the St James Power Station Ladies' Night debate, had a lot of spunk. She also had cancer but was determined to live life to the max

SHE was perhaps best known as the "over-35er" who took St James Power Station to task for denying her free Ladies' Night drinks at its Power house outlet in June because she had been deemed too old.

At the time, Ms Violet Lim's decision to fight for her right to party with all the promised perks sparked off a public debate on whether the move was ageist.

It eventually forced the club to create a new Ladies' Night at another of its outlets, the Bellini Room, to pacify "female patrons of all ages".

But the one detail that Ms Lint had not revealed at that time was driving her to live it up. She had cancer, the painful evidence of which was hidden by her wig arid favourite Gucci beret.

The florist and dating consultant died on Thursday after a 1 '/2-year fight with the disease. She was 55.

It was fitting, then, that a clear binder containing the newspaper arildes sparked off by the Powerhouse debacle sat in front of her coffin during the wake.

The binder was one of many that Ms Lim maintained over the years. Through it, friends and relatives got a glimpse of her spirit, strong to the very end.

Messages to Ms Lim written on sheets of scented yellow paper will fill the empty pages, said her daughter Ms Angela Sim, 31, the elder of two children.

"Aunty Violet," reads one, "crankup the volume and get the drinks ready... for that great big party in the sky."

"She lived life to the fullest and touched many of us," read another.

The florist, who also started a dating consultancy in 1999, first found a lump in one of her breasts in July 2006. Unlike her mother, who had not sought help early for her colon cancer and died in 1991, Ms Lim underwent a mastectomy and then chemotherapy.